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Budget for Church construction

Funding required to build a church among the poor in remote villages / forest areas.

Steel roof
Iron rods
Masonry work


Budget for Youth Bible training Center 

Funds needed to set up a one-year Bible training center with ten young people.

House Rent
Three teachers
Other Things..etc


Fresh Water drinking to needy

Many diseases are induced by drinking contaminated water in rural areas, where there is a huge need for pure water. They require fresh water, which necessitates walking for kilometres to obtain it, as well as drilling bore wells and installing hand pump equipment in such locations. In some areas, the water is high in fluorine; pregnant women consume it, and their children are born with defects; water purifying equipment should be provided in these areas. We can offer fresh water, promote change, and light up lives together if your compassion comes forward with a willingness to help. We shall satisfy the thirst of God's poor children by providing them with safe drinking water.

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